Main Series And Models Of Refrigeration Oil

- May 27, 2019-

Main series and models of refrigeration oil

u cycloalkyl DRE series

Scope of application: Open type, semi-closed and fully enclosed refrigeration units with R717, R22 and R600A as refrigerants and evaporation temperature of -36 degrees or more.

Commonly used models: DRE46, DRE68, can replace the Kunlun series.

u cycloalkyl GS series

Scope of application: for refrigeration systems of air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, freezers, for R22, R600A, R290, R717 and other refrigerants.

Commonly used models: 3GS (R22 piston), 4GS (R22 piston / screw), 5GS (R22 screw machine / air-conditioning water-cooled screw), can replace the sun series.

u Polyol ester fully synthetic POE series

Scope of application: For the air conditioning, refrigerator, freezer, freezer refrigeration system, for HFC (R404A, R407C, R410A, R507) and other mixed refrigerant.

Commonly used models: POE32 (piston), POE68 (piston / screw)

u Alkylbenzene total synthesis AB series

Scope of application: Medium/low/ultra-low temperature screw machine for R22 refrigerant. Due to its superior stability and good compatibility with refrigerant, it can be compatible with mineral oil and added to mineral oil system.

Commonly used models: AB68, AB100