International Symposium On Refrigerant Was Held In Shanghai

- Apr 19, 2019-

"International Symposium on Refrigerant" held in Shanghai

January 1, 2019, the new automotive air conditioning refrigerant national standard "GB36765-2018" officially implemented, this is the automotive air conditioning refrigerant industry in the first national standard, for the standardization of Industry product quality, rectification of market order, played a very positive role. In order to make China's product standards up to international standards, so that Chinese enterprises in the international market more competitive, April 8, 2019, by the China Standardization Association Automotive Conservation Products Professional Committee sponsored by the "Refrigerant International Standards Seminar" held in Shanghai. The Conference established the Working Group on International Standard declarations and developed a work plan.

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The conference is the first attempt by China's automotive aftermarket products to apply for international standards, if the declaration is successful, will be China's automotive aftermarket products to expand the international market share to play a positive role.

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Juhua brand refrigerant for cars into the market for ten years, with excellent quality, is Shanghai Volkswagen, Korea Kia, Jinlong Bus, TOYOTA,HONDA and many other automakers service providers.