Installation Scheme Of Condenser In Cold Storage Equipment Installation

- Aug 24, 2018-

Installation scheme of condenser in cold storage equipment installation

In cold storage equipment, the condenser is one of the main heat exchange equipment in the refrigeration system of the cold storage system. Its function is to cool and condense the high temperature refrigerant superheated steam discharged from the assembled cold storage installation compressor into a high pressure liquid. The heat released by the refrigerant in the condenser is carried away by the cooling medium. According to the cooling medium, the assembled cold storage project is mainly divided into air-cooled and water-cooled.

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The outer casing is a cylinder welded by steel plate, and the cold-storage shell-and-tube condenser is divided into vertical and horizontal. Vertical shell and tube condenser. A porous tube plate is welded to both ends of the cylinder, and a heat transfer tube is arranged in the hole for cooling the refrigerant. The utility model has the advantages of large structure and large consumables; low cooling water flow rate, easy scaling, large consumption of cooling water, and is suitable for areas with sufficient water source and poor water quality. The structure of the horizontal shell-and-tube condenser is similar to that of the vertical type. When the refrigerant is ammonia, the heat transfer tube is made of seamless steel tube, and when the refrigerant is freon, the heat transfer tube is made of low-ribbon copper tube. Horizontal shell-and-tube condensers have higher heat transfer coefficient and less cooling water consumption, but have higher requirements on water quality, and are widely used in large, medium and small cold storage ammonia and Freon refrigeration systems.


The heat released by the refrigerant is carried away by the air. Smaller cold load is only used in small cold storage refrigeration systems. Air-cooled condenser: in an air-cooled condenser.