Inhalation Of Aerosols Hfa-134a

- Apr 22, 2019-

inhalation of aerosols Hfa-134a

According to China's "Industrial Restructuring guidance catalogue", in the pharmaceutical industry, the State encourages 8 types of industries, restricts 6 types of industries, and eliminates 8 types of industries. In the encouragement industry, "the development and production of new medicinal packaging materials and technologies" include aerosols, aerosols and so on.

The "Pharmaceutical production process using CFCS as aerosol, propellant, propellant or dispersant" was included in the phase-out industry. My company's leading products pharmaceutical grade R134A, is currently a large domestic production capacity, the highest purity of pharmaceutical grade propellant, purity of 99.998%, products in Europe and the United States has a good reputation.

inhalation of aerosols Hfa-134a

This product is included in the country to encourage the development of technology, the company will be more vigorous to market, better serve the world's pharmaceutical manufacturers.