How To Recover HFC-236FA From External Container

- Aug 27, 2019-

Recovery refers to the removal of Hfc-236fa (FE-36) UL Fire Extinguishing Gas from equipment and collection in an appropriate external container. Recovery does not involve processing or analytical testing. But if the system contains nitrogen or other gas to super-pressurize, it must be identified on the label. This is normally performed when a system must undergo maintenance and the Hfc-236fa fire extinguishant returned to the system after completion. 

There are a number of recovery devices on the market. These devices contain a compressor and an aircooled condenser, and may be used for liquid or vapor recovery. At the end of the recovery the system is evacuated to remove vapors. Before purchasing a specific recovery unit, check with the manufacturer to be sure that it contains the elastomeric seals and a compressor oil compatible with FE-36 Fire extinguishant.

How to recover HFC-236FA from external container