How To Fill The Air-conditioning With Refrigerant

- May 12, 2017-

1, turn on the air-conditioning to the refrigeration mode, and the temperature to the lowest, wind speed to the largest, this helps the compressor to start quickly

2, fluorine tube connects to the fluorine bottle, the pressure gauge opens slightly, this can make the air inside the tube empty,

3, Spanner unloading the external machine fluorine tube safety screws, "fine tube is liquid tube, fluorine is in the thick tube Riga, namely the trachea" then connects fluorine bottle on the fluorine tube,

4, in charge of fluoride should fully consider the reason of atmospheric temperature, high temperature fluorine pressure control in 5 pressure, temperature below 30 ° above 20 ° can be controlled at 4.5 pressures.

5, remove the connection pipe, tighten the safety screws on the copper tube, check the refrigeration effect after fluorine-filled