How To Distinguish Between Authentic And Fake Refrigerants?

- Jul 02, 2019-

How to distinguish between authentic and fake Refrigerants?


Refrigerants, also known as freon, cooling agent, refrigeration chemical, is medium material used in a variety of hot machines for complete energy conversions. These substances usually increase power by reversible phase changes, such as gas-liquid phase changes,such as steam in the steam engine, refrigerant, etc.

When a typical steam engine is working, it releases the heat of the steam into a mechanical power that can be generated, while the refrigerant is used to drive heat at low temperatures to high temperatures. The quality of the refrigerant affects the operation of the entire machine and fake refrigerant will cause great harm to the refrigeration system.


Refrigerant R22, or CHCLF2, HCFC-22, is a pure gas with purity of at least 99%. But the current counterfeit R22, contains other corrosive substances such as chloromethane with high proportion sometimes.

Chloromethane has a strong corrosive effect, will cause serious corrosion of the compressor of the refrigeration unit, resulting in the compressor scrapping.

When the inferior refrigerant is touched on top of the foam, the foam begins to slowly corrode and dissolve, but the pure R22 refrigerant does not occur.

For other refrigerants such as R134a, R404a, R410a, R507, R23, we can make a simple judgment using the following methods:


*Method 1

Turn the refrigerant tank upside down and release a small amount of refrigerant onto a white sheet of paper, which is not recommended if there is significant impurities or liquid water on the white paper, indicating that the refrigerant is of poor quality.


*Method 2

The pressure gauge tests the refrigerant bottle pressure, against the refrigerant temperature pressure characteristic situ, to check whether the pressure in the bottle is within the normal range;


*Method three

Retest the pressure in the bottle when the refrigerant is halfway through. For R22, a single-component refrigerant, the two-time measurement bottle pressure value should be very close.

If the refrigerant is inferior refrigerant, usually mixed with a variety of components, the use of refrigerant in the bottle due to changes in the proportion of components, usually the pressure in the bottle will be largely different, such as encountering such phenomena, it is recommended to stop the use of the refrigerant, and should be injected into the system in a timely manner refrigerant emptying, to avoid pollution of the system.


*Method four

In the system commissioning operation stage, if the following anomalies are found, it is recommended to carry out purity testing of the refrigerant in the system, the discharge of the system is not inferior refrigerant.

(1) The refrigeration capacity of the system is obviously insufficient and after inspection, no other abnormal circumstances need to pay attention to refrigerant;

(2) The system dryer, filter or expansion valve is blocked, and the blockage is yellow-brown or black mud-like foreign body should pay attention to refrigerant;

(3) High, low pressure or temperature anomalies during the operation of the system, or when the shutdown state, the system balance pressure is abnormal, you need to see the refrigerant.