How To Distinguish Poor Quality Refrigerant

- May 21, 2019-

How to distinguish poor quality refrigerant

In the absence of refrigerant testing conditions, it is recommended to perform a simple check before use:

1) Invert the refrigerant tank and release a small amount of refrigerant onto a piece of white paper. If there are obvious impurities or liquid water on the white paper, the refrigerant quality is not good and it is not recommended.

2) Connect the pressure gauge to test the refrigerant bottle pressure. Check the pressure and pressure characteristics of the refrigerant to check whether the pressure inside the bottle is within the normal range. If the pressure is obviously abnormal, it is not recommended. This method can be tested again when used together. If there is a big difference in bottle pressure between the two test results, it should be stopped immediately and the filled refrigerant should be drained to avoid contaminating the system.

An effective way to avoid purchasing inferior refrigerants is to choose a quality service provider. The full range of refrigerants provided by our company are from the original factory, but not the sub-packaging plant. The purity is more than 99.9%, and the acidity is less than 0.0001, providing customers with high-quality refrigerant products.