How To Detect The Leakage Of Refrigerant Such As Refrigerant R600a,R32,R1234yf Etc (II)

- Apr 25, 2020-

Refrigerant R600a,R32,R1234yf etc are new green refrigerants mainly used for refrigeration system, automotive a/c cooling system. It is important to know how to detect the leakage of refrigerant.Below are another 3 methods for detecting:

1. Fluorescent leak detection: it uses fluorescent leak detection agent to emit bright yellow under the irradiation of ultraviolet / blue light . The principle of green light is used to detect fluid leakage in various systems. When in use, just press the phosphor a certain percentage is added to the system. After 20 minutes of system operation, wear special glasses and illuminate the system with a leak detection lamp Outside, the leak will be yellow fluorescent.

2, gas differential pressure leak detection: using the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the system, the pressure difference is amplified by the sensor, and the digital or

The results of leak detection are expressed in the form of sound or electronic signals. This method can only "qualitatively" know whether the system is Leakage and cannot find the leak accurately.

3, halogen lamp leak detection: ignite the leak detection lamp, hold the air tube on the halogen lamp, when the nozzle is close to the system leakage

At that time, the flame color changed to purple blue, indicating that there was a lot of leakage here. There is an open flame in this way, not only

It is dangerous, and the combination of open flame and refrigerant will produce harmful gas, and it is also difficult to accurately locate the leak.

4, electronic leak detector leak detection: electronic leak detector is a reliable leak detector, because of its accurate leak detection these years

Quickly occupy the market, use the probe to move to the place where there is a possibility of leakage, when the leak detection device issues an alarm,

This indicates that there is a leak. Using the electronic leak detector to detect leaks is currently the most scientific, simple and fast leak detection method.

refrigerant gas R507c in cylinder