How To Detect The Leakage Of Refrigerant Such As Refrigerant R22,R134a,R410a(I)

- Apr 24, 2020-

The most commonly used refrigerant gas now used are refrigerant R134a,refrigerant R404a,refrigerant gas r410a, refrigerant r32 for air conditioner, etc. Refrigerant leakage is a common fault in the use of refrigeration equipment, which affects the cooling effect and pollute the environment, we can detect by the following methods.

1. Visually inspect the oil leak. When the refrigeration system leaks, it must be accompanied by the leakage of refrigeration oil. Using this feature,the outer wall of the entire refrigeration system can be observed by visual inspection, especially whether there are oil stains on each welding port and evaporator surface presence. If you suspect that the oil stain on the leak is not obvious, you can put a clean white cloth and gently press it with your hand.If there is oil on the white cloth

Stains, indicating a leak there.

2, soapy water leak detection. Soap water leak detection is to use a small brush dipped in the soap water prepared in advance and apply it to the need. Check the site and observe carefully. If there is foam or increasing bubbles in the detected part, it means there is a leak.

3. Nitrogen water leak detection: fill the system with 10-20kg / cm2 pressure nitrogen, immerse the system in water, bubbling place is the leak point. The obvious disadvantage of this method: the water used for leak detection easily enters the system, resulting in the material corroded, and the high-pressure gas may also cause greater damage to the system.The intensity is also great.

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