How To Add Fluoride To The Refrigerator

- Jun 26, 2019-

How To Add Fluoride To The Refrigerator

According to the relevant personnel, the refrigerator does not need to add fluoride during the service life. If the refrigerator does not need to be refrigerated, it also means that the refrigerator leaks fluorine. To add fluoride to the refrigerator, first check the refrigerator for leaking fluorine.

  Whether it is to check for leaking fluorine or direct fluoride, professional refrigeration maintenance personnel should be responsible. In addition, long-term use of refrigerators may also cause loopholes in the piping system. This is because some of the refrigerator's pipelines are aluminum tubes, so it is prone to loopholes without using aluminum tubes for a long time. So how do you add fluoride to the refrigerator?

  First of all, it should be judged whether it is external leakage or internal leakage. If the refrigerator is leaky, you can take a remedy first. Fill in the bugs. Then check again for any other leaks. Make sure that you can start vacuuming and prepare for fluoride afterwards. If it is a problem of internal leakage, copper copper tube is generally required, but the maintenance price is high. You should consult the price before maintenance and consider whether it needs repair.

  How to add fluoride to the refrigerator?

  Since the amount of fluorine used in the refrigerator is small, the weighing method is generally not used. There are many different ways to add fluoride:

  1. Quantitative fluoride: Use a quantitative dosing device to add fluoride according to the amount on the brand name.

  2.Experience method: When adding fluoride, feel the coolness of the air return tube by hand. The return air tube is very cool or slightly dew, and the evaporator is basically covered with frost. When filling, first add less fluorine than the original amount, let it run, wait until the evaporator is full of frost, and finally add only to the return pipe and the condensation is just right. In general, the step of adding fluorine to the refrigerator is simple: evacuate and draw the air inside. If you pump well, you can add fluoride and then seal it.

  How much does it cost to add fluoride to the refrigerator?

  Just the price of adding fluoride to the refrigerator is not expensive, generally it can be around 50-80 yuan. However, combined with inspection, repair and other issues, generally need about 150 yuan. If the user needs to add fluoride to the refrigerator, please let the professional refrigeration maintenance personnel come to the door for repair. Moreover, after the maintenance inspection has no problem, it is necessary to determine that any problem occurs in the same position within a certain period of time is the responsibility of the repairer. This can guarantee the interests of the users.