How Much Is China Refrigerant R22 Production Quota In 2014-2019

- Sep 11, 2019-

Since the developed countries have basically cut down HCFC, China is the main production area of HCFCs in the world, and the use and production quota system is implemented. The internal use and export of non-polymer HCFCs are strictly restricted. Taking the Refrigerant Gas R22 with the largest output as an example, from the perspective of total quota, China strictly implements the Montreal Protocol. In 2015, it reduced (by comparison with the baseline, the same below) by 11%, and in 2019, it reduced by 13%, and will continue to cut in 2020. From the perspective of various companies, the concentration of the leading trading through quotas has gradually increased. At present, the amount of Juhua ranked second.

Refrigerant R22 production quota (internal use + export)

Refrigerant Gas Quota of China manufacturers

From the historical situation of reducing HCFCs in developed countries, prices will rise rapidly after the start of the cut. Although developed countries have basically stopped producing and using HCFCs, the price of HCFCs has risen rapidly due to the rigid demand for refrigerant maintenance mentioned above. Taking Freon R22 as an example, the US retail price is currently 42 US dollars / kg (taken from Ebay), while China is only 22 yuan / kg (taken from 1688), the gap between the two is close to 15 times.

The same 10 lb. cylinder was only $25 in 2008 (before reduction)

Refrigerant Gas R22 price in 2014-2019 (10lbs cylinder)

Refrigerant Gas R22 price 2019