How Many Types Of Firefighting Agents(I)

- Sep 07, 2019-

Extinguishing agents are divided into: water-based fire extinguishing agent, dry powder fire extinguishing agent, foam fire extinguishing agent, gas fire extinguishing agent

1: water fire extinguishing agent = water + water fire extinguishing agent

Water-based fire extinguishing agent is further divided into: 1: Strengthening water, that is, adding alkali metal salt or organic metal salt in water to improve anti-reburning performance in Class A fires.

2: Emulsified water: Add emulsifier containing hydrophobic gene in water, mainly used to save oil fire with high flash point

3: Wetting water: adding a small amount of surfactant to reduce the surface tension of water and improve the wettability of water. It is mainly used for fires such as wood, rubber and pulverized coal.

4: Antifreeze: Add antifreeze, such as calcium chloride, calcium carbonate, glycerin, etc., to lower the freezing point of water, mainly used in cold regions

5: Flow improvement water: adding drag reducing agent, effectively reducing the resistance of water during transportation, increasing the pressure of water gun or nozzle at the end of water bag, increasing water delivery distance and range

6: viscous water: adding thickener, increasing the viscosity of water, increasing the adhesion of water on the surface of the burning object to prevent the passage of fire extinguishing water, saving water

7: Cold water fire extinguishing agent: It is a photochemical fire extinguishing agent developed by American Global Cold Flame Company. It can greatly improve the heat absorption capacity of water for A/B/D fires.

2: Dry powder fire extinguishing agent:

It is a solid powder containing substances such as ammonium hydrogencarbonate, potassium hydrogencarbonate, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium sulfate and additives. It is generally driven by dry carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Fire extinguishing mechanism: 1: chemical inhibition 2: isolation 3: cooling effect

Scope of application: all kinds of flammable, flammable liquid fires, gas fires and general live equipment fires, ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agent can also be used to save fires of Class A solid combustibles such as wood and paper. The fire extinguishing speed is fast, but it is easy to re-ignite.