How Does Electronic Refrigerant Charging Scale Work

- Jan 18, 2019-

How does electronic refrigerant charging scale work?


electronic refrigerant charging scale

1.     Connect the vacuum pump to the outdoor unit tee, vacuum for 30 minutes, and close the pressure gauge valve to remove the vacuum pump.


2.     Place the refrigerant tank on the electronic scale and connect it with the pressure gauge valve with the connecting pipe (to be emptied).


3.     Write down the electronic scale reading, open the pressure gauge valve, slowly fill in the liquid mode, watch the electronic scale reading, close the tank valve when the amount of refrigerant required on the outdoor machine label is reached, close the pressure gauge valve, wait 5 minutes.


4.     Start up and run for 10 minutes.


5.     Quickly remove the connecting pipe on the three-way valve of the outdoor unit (to prevent frostbite from the refrigerant) and put on the nut.


6.     The filling is completed.


Note: In the winter, the 4th and 5th steps are exchanged or the forced cooling is used to unload the pipe.