HFCs Cut With Kigali Amendment

- Aug 21, 2019-

In the global implementation of the Montreal Protocol, in order to phase out CFCs and HCFCs refrigerants, HFCs have been widely used as substitutes in the past two decades, mainly including HFC-134a, Refrigerant Gas R410A, Refrigerant R404A, HFC GAS R407C and Freon Gas R507A. However, the commonly used HFCs have high GWP values and belong to greenhouse gases. The large-scale promotion will further aggravate the global warming trend. Therefore, in recent years, the consumption of HFCs refrigerants that control high GWP values in the international community and the use of refrigerants that are more environmentally friendly have become increasingly popular.

The 28th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, held in Kigali, Rwanda, in October 2016, finally concluded the “Kigali Amendment on HFCs Reductions”, which is heretofore promoted the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The best efforts made by the target of “controlling the global temperature increase to within 2 °C by the end of the century”. The implementation of the amendment will effectively reduce the emissions of strong greenhouse gas HFCs, thereby reducing the global warming by 0.5 °C by controlling the consumption of HFCs by the end of the century. Compared with uncontrolled scenarios, China's reduction of HFCs through compliance activities by 2050 will bring about a climate reduction of 30 billion tons to 40 billion tons of CO2 equivalent, and a one-third contribution to slowing global warming by 0.5 °C

HFC Refrigerant Gas R410a R404A