Gas Fire Extinguishing System Overpressure Risk, Preventive Measures:

- Jun 19, 2019-

Gas Fire Extinguishing System Overpressure Risk, Preventive Measures:

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1. During the use of the gas cylinder, the bottle body is under pressure for a long time, and the pressure resistance of the bottle body may be affected by the external pollution and the internal medium. In fact, the gas cylinder explosion accident has also occurred.

2. Cylinders must be inspected in strict accordance with relevant standards. Cylinders that have reached the end of their life must be scrapped and should meet the requirements of the Gas Cylinder Safety Technical Supervision Regulations (TSGR0006-2014).

The permanent signs (steel marks), scrap years, periodic inspection cycles, inspection marks and qualification requirements of cylinders are strictly regulated. See the topic: Fire-fighting cylinders - regular inspection and scrapping regulations (click to enter)!

3. For safety regulations for handling, handling, storage and use of gas cylinders, refer to the relevant provisions of the Safety Regulations for the Handling, Handling, Storage and Use of Gas Cylinders (GB/T34525-2017). Note: This standard is a recommended standard.

4. The charging pressure of the prefabricated fire extinguishing system installed in the protection zone should not exceed 2.5 MPa. (6.0.8)

5. For IG541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system and other similar systems, the storage device is in a high pressure state for a long time, so its storage requirements (such as venting requirements) are more stringent, in addition to meeting the requirements of general storage rooms, it should also comply with National regulations on the storage of high pressure containers. (4.1.1)

6. When the combined distribution system is started, the selector valve should be opened before or at the same time as the container valve is opened. (5.0.9)

7. The storage device of the pipe network fire extinguishing system should be located in a dedicated storage room. The storage room should be close to the protection zone and should comply with the relevant regulations of the building's fire resistance level not lower than the second level and the relevant pressure vessel storage regulations, and should have an exit directly to the outdoor or evacuation aisle. The ambient temperature of the storage room and the protected area where the prefabricated fire extinguishing system is installed shall be -10 to 50 °C (4.1.1). Note: The ambient temperature of the high pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system storage device should be 0 °C ~ 49 °C (

8. The arrangement of the storage device should be easy to operate, maintain and avoid sunlight. The distance between the operation surface from the wall surface or the two operation surfaces should not be less than 1.0m and should not be less than 1.5 times the outer diameter of the storage container. (4.1.1)