Freon Recovery Machine

- Jan 16, 2019-


Main Features of Freon Recovery Machine:

(1) Design of oil-free lubricating compressor for high-power refrigerant recovery machine, common for various refrigerants;

(2) The system is self-cleaning design, and multiple refrigerants are cross-recovered and not polluted;

(3) Multi-function valve design, easy to operate;

(4) Perfect protection system, safe and reliable.

(5) The refrigerant recovery is complete, the suction pressure is restored to -0.04Mpa, and the machine is automatically shut down;

(6) High-power motor, high-efficiency condenser design, fast recovery and filling speed;

(7) Designed for small and medium-sized central air-conditioning systems with high quality and excellent performance;

(8) Freon recovery machine is suitable for rapid recovery of new refrigerant R410A;

(9) High cost performance, fast return on investment, and the fastest use of 1 save to recover investment.