F-GAS Regulation Review 2020

- Jul 10, 2020-

The European Commission is seeking market feedback on the upcoming review of the F-gas regulation (517/2014), which could impose further restrictions on HFC refrigerants.Now for any HFC gas R134a, HFA 134A, HFC-410A, r410a, r407c, r404a, Freon R507 ,etc, F-Gas quota is required.

Among the many possible initiatives, the Committee was seeking to bring the F-gas legislation closer together with the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol, impose further restrictions on use, seek stricter enforcement of regulations and combat illegal imports and quota abuse.

The Committee was concerned about the risk that the EU would not comply with the Montreal Protocol after 2030. Although the EU's F-gas phase-out was preceded by the Kigali Amendment, the aim was to cut it by 80 per cent by 2030. According to the Montreal Protocol, the last reduction step is an 85 per cent reduction in 2036. The policy options under consideration would be consistent with the Montreal Protocol by adding new step-by-step reductions after 2030.

Certain exemptions and thresholds in the Provisions of the Montreal Protocol do not yet exist, and the specific production restrictions required by the Protocol are not part of the EU F-gas regulations.

It has also been observed that recent technological developments and the availability of more climate-friendly technologies may allow for further restrictions on HFC use. Amendments may include a ban on the use of F gas in products or equipment, as these F gas saes perdie gas is no longer considered or alternatives to lower GWP are considered.

In order to deal with the problem of illicit imports and the abuse of the quota system, the Commission was seeking to provide greater powers to the customs and surveillance authorities. This includes links to the "Customs Single Window" database and real-time batch-by-batch tracking in the HFC licensing system.

It is also considering restricting market participants to "legitimate participants".