Environmental-friendly Refrigerant Replacement Gas, Refrgierant R290 Or Freon R32, Which Is Better?

- Jul 05, 2019-

With increasing concerns about protecting the ozone layer and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, refrigerant substitution is urgent.

However, because the project covers a wide range and is difficult, so the choice of environmentally friendly refrigerants in all countries of the world is extremely careful. There are two very different international refrigerant substitution options, one is the air conditioning gas HFC-R410A for air conditioning R32 refrigerants used in the United States, Japan and other countries, but the R410A is only a transitional alternative due to the high GWP value (2088). And R32 refrigerant (ODP 0, GWP 675), is the Japanese enterprises represented by Dajin push the refrigerant, in order to accelerate the r32 in the global spread of speed, Dajin even open to new countries free application patents, currently Dajin in Japan, India, Russia, Spain, Spain,

The promotion of Taiwan and other countries and regions in China has shown results.

The second alternative is r290 (ODP 0, GWP 20) refrigerant, represented by China and countries such as Germany and Sweden in Europe, which is described as "environmentally friendly refrigerant with super potential". Wang Lei, vice president of the China Household Appliance association, once interpreted the superior performance of the R290 in air conditioners compared to other refrigerants. "Currently, the refrigerants used in China's room air conditioners are mainly R22 and R410A, with emissions levels of 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent, and if they are replaced with R290, emissions will be reduced to 530,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent," she said.


In terms of environmentally friendly refrigerant substitution regulations, Europe issued an F-gas amendment bill in 2014 to accelerate carbon emission reductions, and the R290 is currently market-proven in the field of mobile air conditioners and heat pumps in Europe.


As one of the major producers and manufacturers of air conditioners in the world, the r290 refrigerant chosen will directly affect global market trends. Since 2007, China has been piloting research and development related to Hydrocarbon R290 refrigerants, and in 2011, the GMCC R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant air conditioning compressor production line was officially signed as a demonstration line for the United Nations Multilateral Fund in Montreal, and on April 29, 2014, The Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the list of enterprises receiving low GWP refrigerant R290 air conditioning subsidies and issued the relevant subsidy measures; in April 2015, Gree and Haier announced that R290 air conditioners were on the market, while the R290 air conditioners of the United States took the lead in obtaining China's first 3CCC certification certificate; R290 Compressor The United Nations Montreal Multilateral Fund demonstration project successfully passed the acceptance, on June 28, 2015, the Ministry of Environmental Protection hosted the first batch of R290 environmental protection low carbon air conditioning listing and promotional activities launch ceremony held in Shenzhen, December 2015, GMCC R290 DC variable frequency air conditioning compressor successfully shipped to Godrej, India.


Wen Wurui, director of the Environmental Protection And External Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that in the future, China will further increase the use of R290 refrigerant air-conditioning line transformation demonstration pilot efforts. If the scale of the replacement is anything to go by,Propane R290 is undoubtedly the winner.


However, from the characteristics of the refrigerant itself, R290 is more dangerous than R32 refrigerant products, its safety rating is A3, the perfusion is strictly limited, according to the standard requirements, R32 allows the charge than R290 loose ten times, its application range is wider, but R32 has a higher GWP value and other problems.

Both refrigerants have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it remains an open question which refrigerant will win in the future. "No matter what refrigerant our customers choose, we have the corresponding compressor products to choose from," said the GMCC official: "GMCC R290 compressor products have completed the development of 1-3HP, and GMCC is the world's first official launch of R32 refrigerant compressor and achieve mass production of enterprises."


Refrigerant replacement as a global important work, need governments, enterprises to work together to solve the problems encountered in the replacement of the promotion, technology, installation and other problems, only in order to truly achieve a green low-carbon life, contribute to human development and achieve sustainable development.