Electric Vacuum Pump

- Jan 16, 2019-

The electric vacuum pump is divided into electric vacuum pump multi-purpose, multi-function micro vacuum pump, micro air pump, micro water pump, micro liquid pump, gas sampling pump, gas circulation pump, micro dry vacuum pump and so on.

1. Fully automatic micro vacuum pump and intelligent vacuum pump: The vacuum degree can be adjusted at any time (liquid crystal real-time display, adjustment range: 0~-80kPa); flow rate adjustable (range: 0~25LPM), integrated micro vacuum pump, precision control circuit, etc. A variety of modes of intelligent adjustment, comes with a full set of accessories, AC power supply, very convenient to use.

2. Rich product line, a variety of vacuum (95Kpa-10Kpa), flow (0.2L/min-38L/min) micro vacuum pump for customers to choose;

3. Compact structure, small size (minimum: 33 × 14 × 24mm) (smaller than the thumb), light weight (minimum 15g), large flow, very low energy consumption;

4. There is no vacuum pump oil and lubricating oil required by traditional vacuum pumps, which does not pollute the medium;

5. Maintenance-free, allowing working medium high temperature (-10-120 degrees Celsius), allowing water vapor enrichment;

6. Unique micro pumping and pumping dual-purpose pump, adjustable flow, self-priming function, high suction (3 meters), water pumping, gas pumping!

7. The domestic leading high temperature water pump technology can be customized into a high temperature water pump with a maximum resistance to 100 degrees liquid.

Electric Vacuum Pump XP-135