Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge

- Jan 16, 2019-

Digital Vacuum Pressure gauge

Digital vacuum pressure gauge, also known as digital pressure gauges, digital pressure sensors, digital display switches, electronic pressure switches, vacuum switches, are based on the high-precision digitization of early traditional analog pointer barometers. A new generation of digital pressure gauges developed by sensing technology.

The digital pressure gauge is converted into an analog signal by the deformation of the sensor in the table, and the analog signal is converted into a digital signal by the data acquisition chip. The measured pressure is then displayed to the liquid crystal by a microprocessor calculation.

Digital pressure gauge MPX series features:

Use hexadecimal algorithm, more accurate;

The actual measurement accuracy reaches 2/1000;

Can work stably for a long time under the negative pressure environment of -101.3;

The measurement unit is automatically switched without manual setting.