Company Boss Jailed In First China CFC11 Case

- Jun 04, 2020-

HCFC,HFC,HFO gases have been used to replace CFC gases for many years. Gases are like refrigerant R134a, Freon R410a,fire extinguishing agent HFC-227ea,HFC-236fa, automobile ac gas R1234YF, natrual gas R600a,R290, However there is still some that illegally producing CFC gas.

China  May 22, 2020 news: The head of a company that makes insulation materials has been jailed in China's first successful lawsuit involving the illegal use of ozone-depleting substances.

Qi, known as the legal representative of Huzhou City Name and Insulation Materials Co., Ltd., was fined 50,000 yuan ($7,000) and fined 700,000 yuan ($98,000) for illegally using CFC11.

The case follows a crackdown by Chinese authorities in 2018 after the Environmental Investigation Agency found evidence that the country's polyurethane foam industry was the cause of a surge in cFC11 in the atmosphere.

More than 30 years or more ago, CFC11 was commonly used as a refrigerant and foam insulation area. Under the Montreal Protocol, countries agreed to phase out CFC production by 2010, and since 2006 countries have reported almost zero CFC production.


China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment said it had implemented a nationwide enforcement operation for ozone-depleting substances between June and August 2019. Eleven working groups conducted special inspections in the main provinces and municipalities of ozone-depleting substances.

A surprise inspection of Minghe found that it had illegally purchased and used 849.5 tonnes of CFC11 production polyether in the past three years.

In addition, four other people from Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu provinces who supplied drugs were also arrested.

In addition to the fines, authorities recovered more than Rmb1.4m ($196,000) in corporate profits from the crime.