​Classification Of Copeland Compressors And Common Faults

- May 28, 2019-

Classification Of Copeland Compressors And Common Faults

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1) Copeland compressors can be divided into: semi-closed piston compressors and scroll compressors. Man-made agreement 1 metric horsepower equals the work of raising a 75-kilogram object by 1 meter per second. The conversion between it and the tile is: 1 horsepower = 1 horse = 735 watts (but according to the actual calculation, it should be between 0.75 and 0.8 KW, but there will not be much difference).

2) What are the common faults of Copeland compressors?

Common faults and relatively serious hazards are: compressor motor burnout, liquid blow, lack of oil and insufficient lubrication.

3) How to distinguish between high and low temperature of Copeland compressor

There are many models of Copeland compressors, so how do you distinguish the high and low temperatures of Copeland compressors? In fact, the simplest method is based on the refrigerant marked by the compressor, R22 is generally high temperature, R404A/R502 is generally low temperature.