Class D Dry Powder And Metal Fire

- May 16, 2019-

Class D Dry Powder and Metal Fire

class D powder

Metal fire features:

1) High combustion temperature and strong heat radiation. When the aluminum powder burns at a temperature of up to 3000 degrees, the flare is dazzling, and it is difficult to wear ordinary combat suits and firefighters to extinguish fires at close range.

2) It is easy to cause casualties. Flying light metal powder is easy to mix with air to cause dust explosion, explosion shock wave and high temperature gas are easy to cause casualties.

3) Difficulties in fighting. If there is not enough sand or stone powder, it is difficult to completely extinguish the high-temperature burning light metal fire as soon as possible.

Metal fires are usually extinguished with 7150 fire extinguishing agents. The chemical name of 7150 is trimethoxyboroxane, the chemical formula is (CH3O)3B303, which is a colorless transparent liquid filled in a pressure-relieving fire extinguisher for the rescue of magnesium, aluminum, magnesium alloy, sponge Fire of light metals such as titanium.