China Major Refrigerants Manufacturers Will Reward Report Of Violation Activity Of ODS In China

- Aug 14, 2019-


Major refrigerant manufacturers such as Juhua jointly issued the "Notice of Rewarding to Reporting Violation Activities of Ozone-Depleting Substances ". Currently, CFC-11, CFC-12, HCFC-22, carbon tetrachloride, HCFC-141b, HCFC-142b and other raw materials and products that is ODS. Under the framework of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, China had been implementing quota management. However, some units and individuals disregard international conventions and national laws and regulations, illegally produce, sell, use ODS, etc. Influenced the national reputation and industry order. 

In order to conscientiously implement the requirements of the China government, we will fully participate in the fight against pollution prevention, promote the construction of ecological civilization, strengthen social supervision, and form a joint force to punish environmental pollution crimes according to law. 11 production enterprises such as Juhua decided to reward that reports illegal production, sales and use or other violation acts of ODS such as follows:

1.  No production, use of quota licenses, production and use licenses expired or over-licensed types, quantities and other illegal production, sales, use of ODS and other acts.

2.  Those that have been closed and banned and engaged in illegal activities involving ODS.

3.  Illegal production, sale, use, etc. of ODS or mixture that have been eliminated 

4.  Discontinued production and rectification, integration of technical reforms, or acceptance of unqualified inspections, and the production of ODS.

5.  Other ODS companies involved in production, sales, use, construction and other violations of safety production laws and regulations.

6 Illegal provision of raw materials for the production of ODS.