CHINA HVACR Enterprises Show On 2019 Febrava, Brazilian HVACR Fair

- Sep 12, 2019-


The 21st International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Air and Water Purification Trade Exhibition (referred to as Refrigeration Exhibition, 2019 FEBRAVA) opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city on the 10th, Gree, TCL Chinese brands such as Juhua, Midea have set up a stand-up booth to attract a lot of attention.

Gree air conditioners entering the Brazilian market in 1999 are now well-known brands in Brazil. At this exhibition, Gree demonstrated a new generation of air conditioners with photovoltaic management systems.

Gree Brazil sales director Chen Jianjun told Xinhua News Agency that Gree always adheres to technological innovation and improves products according to the local conditions and technical requirements of Brazil. All products comply with Brazilian laws and regulations and “even better than the Brazilian regulations.”

TCL, which has a place in the Brazilian TV market, used the show to enter the air-conditioning market. Edir Fernandez, manager of the air conditioning department of TCL Brazil, said: "TCL TV has entered the Brazilian market 3 years ago and is now widely recognized. We are bringing air-conditioning products to the Brazilian market for the first time, hoping to use high-tech products and TCL brand. Opened the market in Brazil."

In addition, about 30 Chinese refrigeration equipment export companies have also brought accessories for air conditioners such as compressors, capacitors and motors.

The president of the Brazilian Refrigeration Association, Jovelino Wanjin, said that the Brazilian air-conditioning market has been monopolized by American companies for a long time. In recent years, Chinese brands have entered and have proved their competitiveness with quality. He believes that Chinese companies such as Gree have become the driving force and leader of the air-conditioning industry.

The refrigeration exhibition will end on the 13th and there are about 300 brands participating. According to the Brazilian Refrigeration Association, the exhibition will attract 25,000 visitors, and the turnover is expected to return to the level before the 2015 recession in Brazil.

China is the main exporting country of refrigerant gas, including; HFCF gas refrigerant r22,r141b, HFC gas including refrigerant gas r134a, refrigerant gas r410a,r507c. Many famous manufacturers including Juhua attacted numerous visitors on first day of this exhibition fair.