Cannabis Inhalers: The Next Big Thing About Asthma And Cancer Pain Relief?

- Apr 10, 2020-

*How does a Cannabis inhaler work?

HFA-134A for CBD inhaler is using HFA-134A Hydrofluoroalkane pharmaceutical grade as propellant,as 134a/P propellant  is now the best propellant. Most of you may be familiar with the traditional inhalers used by people with asthma and respiratory diseases. But how is a standard inhaler different from a marijuana inhaler? First, all cannabis inhalers contain an attached evaporator that allows medical patients to fill in the ideal dose of cannabis extract or concentrate and then inhale it.


Cannabis extracts or concentrates added to the evaporator will contain a certain dose of the active ingredient. As a result, there is little confusion in the dose because patients can choose the dose they want instead of preselecting it for them.

*Who can benefit from cannabis inhalers?

One of the main purposes of the introduction of cannabis inhalers is to provide people with a new way to obtain medical and therapeutic remission from cannabis and different cannabinoids. Using these inhalers can benefit people with cancer, various forms of pain, terminal illness and even asthma. People can consume accurately measured doses of cannabis extract or concentrate to experience the relief they need, rather than throat irritation and/or breathing difficulties that are often caused by smoking.

In addition, people with cannabis disease, a near-debilitating medical condition, a disease and/or illness may benefit once they have a cannabis inhaler. Then, if an individual doesn't want to wait more than ten minutes to get the benefits they need from marijuana, he or she can use a marijuana inhaler to experience the pain of rapid relief and improve physical and mental health.


 HFA-134A for CBD inhaler