Bulgarians Seize 500kg Of Illegal Refrigerant

- May 22, 2020-

Officers at the Kapitan Andreevo customs point on the border with Turkey in southern Bulgaria seized nearly 500 kg of illegal refrigerant including refrigerant gas R134a, refrigearant rR04a.

The contraband was discovered on 5 May during a customs inspection of a truck, driven by a Turkish citizen. Customs officers had selected the truck for a thorough inspection, including the use of X-ray machines.

Officers then discovered 490 kg of R134a and R404A in 40 illegal non-refillable bottles hidden between the declared goods.

The contraband was reportedly seized and the driver of the truck charged.

The border seems to be extremely popular with mugglers. In January, Kapitan Andreevo customs officers seized 12,977 kg of R134a refrigerant. Again, the refrigerant was discovered hidden between legally declared goods. Last year, a routine search for a  truck in Kapitan Andreevo found 96 cylinders, totalling 1123.2 kg of R134a and R404A among the reported goods. Other seizures were made last year by customs officers in Lesovo, also on the  border.

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