Air Conditioner With Refrigerant R410a Is More Environmental Friendly

- Sep 17, 2020-

   The reappearance of haze weather seems to be a wake-up call for people to signal that people pay attention to the environment and outdoor air quality. However, the issue of indoor air quality is still rarely raised. Air-conditioning companies charge excellent environmentally friendly R410A refrigerants for air-conditioning, which effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions and makes indoor air-conditioning very fresh.

  In fact, more than 70% of human time is spent indoors, but people often ignore indoor air quality. If the relevant departments conduct random inspections on public places, it is estimated that no more than 20% will be qualified. Therefore, for the health of their families, many consumers have begun to buy new environmentally friendly air conditioners. Energy-saving inverter air conditioners filled with environmentally friendly air-conditioning refrigerants and equipped with excellent accessories have once again become the main products in the market.

In order to integrate their products into the market well, air-conditioning companies have vigorously studied energy-saving and environmental protection technologies. Many air-conditioning companies have introduced environmentally friendly air conditioners that can resist PM2.5 and filled them with the environmentally friendly air-conditioning refrigerant R410A, which is effective It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, makes refrigeration more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, makes indoor air fresher and more natural, and can greatly increase the health of users.