2021 F-Gas Quota Cut ?

- Jul 06, 2020-

RAC F-Gas Question Time panel suggest cost hikes resulting from further cuts in their availability could theoretically be less severe as many businesses struggle with a devastating fall in demand due to Covid-19


Experts have warned during the latest RAC F-Gas Question Time that the unpredictable market impact of further major cuts in F-Gas quota set to come into place in 2021 will run parallel to the seismic market changes resulting from the covid-19 pandemic.  But what exactly does this mean for refrigerant engineers and the drive to realise more sustainable cooling?

A panel of experts joined RAC Editor Andrew Gaved for the magazine’s first ever online F-Gas Question Time on 30 April. A key theme of the discussions was how the next quota cut that comes into place from January next year would effectively remove 40 per cent of existing HFCs from the market.

Price volatility, as seen with the previous cut in 2018, was viewed at the previous question time last October as a likely occurrence in the build-up to the next quota changes in 2021, but it is uncertain if the Covid-19 pandemic risks exacerbating or alleviating refrigerant demand.

Cooling specialists involved in the supply and use of refrigerant products as a result of Covid-19 are finding themselves focused largely on maintaining essential services in areas linked to critical infrastructure. This includes supporting retail supply chains, the healthcare sector, as well as data centres that are all under intense pressure during the pandemic.