2019 Febrava Sao Paulo International HVAC Exhibition, Brazil

- Sep 09, 2019-

General Information:  

Exhibition name: FEBRAVA

Organizing frequency: Every two year

Exhibition scale: 20000-50000square meters

First held in: 1979

Exhibition organizer: Brazil Alcantara Machado exhibition company

    Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado


Exhibition introduction:

Famous professional exhibitions in South America

FEBRAVA was founded in 1979 and is held every two years in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a large-scale exhibition of refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning and heating in South America. It is sponsored by the famous Brazilian Alcantara Machado and Reed Exhibitions. According to the survey of Yingtuo Exhibition, more than 300 exhibitors and more than 18,000 professional visitors from all over the world participated in the exhibition. The international brands are attracted by LG from Korea, YORK from the US, EMERSON, TRANE, CARRIER. Companies such as the main products of these companies are small household and commercial air conditioning products and compressors. Other international brands such as BITZER, HEATCRAFT, JOHNSON CONTROLS, DUPONT, DANFOSS, TECUMSEH, and Brazilian local exhibitors are EMBRACO companies that produce compressors.This includes Juhua, Gree, Midea, TCL, Chigo, Yonghe, and so on. Due to the novelty, practicability and goodness of its product design, Chinese exhibitors have attracted the attention of South American agents and distributors. During the four days of the exhibition, the negotiation effect was obvious. In the first half of 2018, Brazil's trade in goods continued to grow. According to the statistics of the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat, from January to December 2018, from January to December, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between China and Pakistan reached US$98.94 billion, an increase of 32.2%. Among them, Brazil's exports to China were 64.21 billion US dollars, up 35.2%, accounting for 26.8% of Brazil's total exports, up 5.0 percentage points; Brazil's imports from China were 34.73 billion US dollars, up 27.1%, accounting for 19.2% of Brazil's total imports, up 1.1 percentage point. From January to December, Brazil’s trade surplus with China was US$29.48 billion, an increase of 46.2%


Exhibition products:

1. Refrigeration equipment: refrigeration systems and equipment, condensing systems, liquid cooling systems, ice making equipment, heat pumps, other refrigeration machines, refrigeration system and equipment parts, heat exchange equipment, evaporators, condensers, water cooling equipment, air Compressors, expanders, expansion valves, refrigeration distributors, liquid separators, pressure switches, thermostats, solenoid valves, globe valves, pressure relief valves, dryers, filters, defrost equipment, motors, pumps, timing , relays, refrigerants, coolants, refrigerator lubricants, thermal conductivity materials;

2. Cooling system and freezer, refrigerated and frozen food cabinet, ice cream machine, ice machine, refrigerator, refrigerated compartment, freezer compartment, transport refrigeration system, refrigerated container, refrigerated and frozen food cabinet spare parts;

3. Building air conditioning and ventilation, ventilation and air conditioning system facilities, ventilation and air conditioning system intake and exhaust equipment, ventilation system central inlet and outlet equipment, ventilation and air conditioning system roof or outdoor equipment, household integral air conditioner, household Split and multi-split air conditioners, fan inverters, mobile air handling units, fans (radiation, axis, cross), fan propulsion, wall fans, ceiling fans, sound insulation, sound absorbing equipment, exhaust pipes, fire boards , smoke control panels, air ducts, ceiling air conditioners, heat recovery systems, kitchen range hoods, control, safety and monitoring systems;

4. Refrigerator and air conditioner measuring instruments, thermometers, pressure gauges, humidity meters, and others;

5. Assembly of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment: pipes and accessories, pipe fittings, hoses, pipe joints and their spare parts, connectors, welding materials and fittings; sealing materials, repair parts, hardware, insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, partitions Acoustic materials, seismic materials, thermal conductors, thermal conductive materials, heat transfer belts;

6. Refrigeration and air conditioning tools and equipment: special tools for refrigeration and air conditioning, electric welding equipment, leak detectors, cleaning appliances and materials, emptying and filling equipment, installation of descaling and water treatment equipment, waste treatment and recycling equipment, goods and Passenger elevators, special vehicles.

7. Refrigerant Gases(Refrigerantes) : refrigerant gas R134a, refrigerant gas R22, refrigerant Gas r410a, R404a R407c, R32, R125a, etc.

2019 Febrava, Brazil HVACR Fair 2019