2019 Bangkok RHVAC (TH)/2019 Bangkok Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Trade Show

- Sep 23, 2019-

*General Information:

Exhibition Date: September 25-28, 2019

Venue: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre

Exhibition Cycle: Biennial

Organizer: Export Promotion Office of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand

*Exhibit range:

 #Heating categories:  all kinds of heaters, radiators, temperature control valves, control valves, heat meters; wall-mounted furnaces, electric heaters, electric heating, electric film, electric panels, floor radiation heating, heating cables, infrared heating; central heating equipment, heating equipment, thermal operation system; heating valves, pipes, fittings, insulation materials and other supporting products; heat exchangers, heat exchangers,

#Boiler control system, etc. Refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation:  central air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, household air conditioning, industrial environmental protection air conditioning, special air conditioning, water/source air conditioning, etc.;

Pump valves, fittings, refrigeration and air-conditioning accessories, refrigerants, fans, ventilation equipment and accessories;

#Energy:  solar air conditioning, bioenergy, wind power and other renewable energy technologies, insulation technology and equipment;

#Refrigerants: HCFC Refrigerant R22; 

                     HFC Refrigerant R134a,R404a,R407C,R410a,R507,R32,R125

                     HC Refrigerant R600a,R290

                     HFO: Refrigerant R1234YF, Refrigerant R1234Ze, R446,etc.                

*Introduction to the Exhibition:

The Bangkok RHVAC, the only exhibition in Thailand's refrigeration and air conditioning industry, is organized every two years by the Export Promotion Office of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. In 2017, there were 300 companies with 650 booths with a floor area of 15,000 square meters and 28,030 professional visitors from all over the world (TRADE DAY: 6200 people, PUBLIC DAY: 22,000). The exhibition effect exhibitors are very satisfied. Although the exhibition is small, but by the radiation effect of Southeast Asia and the huge demand for the local market in Thailand, almost all well-known enterprises are participating in different ways, directly exhibiting enterprises are: DAIKIN, LG, SHARP, FU, TRAJITSU, ALFA LAVAL, BITZER, CAREL, DANFOSS, EMERSON, SINKO, etc.

As Southeast Asia's largest and most professional air-conditioning exhibition, will inevitably attract more enterprises and professional buyers attention, the conference is also a platform for Chinese enterprises to enter the southeast market.

*Market Background:

 As an important country in Southeast Asia, Thailand's economic development has been rapid in recent years, as evidenced by a 41% increase in imports of consumer goods and a 23% increase in value-added tax revenue. The consumer confidence index is 71.8. Private investment also showed a recovery, with imports of capital products increasing by 28% and real estate transaction tax revenue increasing by 43%, indicating increased confidence in private enterprises. Exports rose 44 per cent, a record increase.

The air conditioner and parts industry is an important industry in Thailand, accounting for 9 percent of the global market, and with exports of more than 2.2 billion baht to become the world's second largest exporter of air conditioners and components after China, many of the world's well-known enterprises such as Turing, LG, Toshiba, Carrier, York and Haier of China have factories in Thailand.

2019 Bangkok RHVAC (TH)