11 Cases And Solutions For Air Leakage

- Sep 11, 2018-

11 cases and solutions for air leakage

There are many reasons for leaking air conditioners. When processing, you should carefully observe them, find the source of water, and then carry out targeted treatment. In general, water leakage can be analyzed from the following aspects:


1. Air supply system: If the filter is dirty, use low windshield in humid environment. If the air volume is too small, the internal evaporator evaporation temperature will decrease, the evaporator will frost or even freeze, and the time will lead to water leakage.


2. Drainage system: mainly includes front and rear guide troughs, drain pipes, pipe wrapping, drainage pump failures, etc. When the air conditioner is used for a long time, the water guide and drain pipe may be blocked by dirt, water leakage, etc. due to injection molding. There are cracks, joints and joints are not good, and the drain is flattened when installed.


3. The system lacks fluorine and the evaporator is half blocked: in the case of half blockage of the evaporator, the temperature of the long U tube fin with a large refrigerant flow is low, and the temperature of the long U tube fin with a small refrigerant flow is high. The temperature difference between the two flow paths is large, and the long U-tube fins with large refrigerant flow condense a large amount of condensed water, and are blown out with the wind, and the hot and cold air meets in the air passage, and the water vapor condenses in the air passage. Finally, it leads to water leakage.


4, installation problems lead to water leakage: mainly concentrated in the new installation, or air conditioning installed in winter, because the installation is not horizontal or the drainage pipe, the connection pipe joints are not wrapped.