Tetrafluoroethane HFC 134a Refrigerant 30lb

Tetrafluoroethane HFC 134a Refrigerant 30lb

Tetrafluoroethane Gas Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb For R22 Freon Replacement Product Name: Tetrafluoroethane ( HFC-134a ) Cas No.: 811-97-2 Molecular Formula: CH2FCF3 Relative Molecular Mass: 102.03 ODP: 0 GWP(100yr): 1200 Main Use: R-134a is an mixed refrigerant gas, belong to HFC. As the...
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Tetrafluoroethane Gas Hfc 134a Refrigerant 30lb

HFC R134a Properties:

R134a   Chemical Name


Cas No.


R134a   Chemical Formula


Molecular   Weight of R134a


Boiling Point of R134a


Melting   Point of 134a Freon


R134a   Density

1.206g/cm3 at 25℃

R134a   Composition

 1 1 1 2 tetrafluoroethane





The Relative Name: R134a Freon, Refrigerant 134a, 134a Freon, Gas 134a, Gas R134, 134 Freon, 134a Refrigerant, R22 Freon Replacement, Freon Gas R134a.

Main Use:

Gas R-134a is an mixed refrigerant gas for R22 freon replacement, belong to HFC. As the refrigerant contains chlorine, it does not destroy the ozone layer. and it’s used to replace CFC -12 in mobile air conditioning and in residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, such as refrigerantors, freezers, water dispensers, car air conditioning, central air conditioning, dehumidifiers, cold storage, commercial refrigeration , drinking fountains, ice cream machines, refrigeration condensing units, etc. It is also used as a blowing agent in rigid foam insulation, and an important component of blends such as Hfc 404a , Hfc 407c , etc. 

Packing Specifications:

1.      Non-refilled R134a Cylinder: 30lbs/13.6kg, 50lbs/22.7kg

2.      Refilled Cylinder: 400L, 800L, 926L, 1000L, R134a Tank, ISO-TANK.

3.      OEM is acceptable.

Technical Specifications:

Superior gradeGrade I
Appearancecolorless and feculentPass
Odor No strange stenchPass
Purity(%    ≥)99.999.599.9
Moisture(% ≤) 0.00%0.01%0.00%
Acidity (as HCl)(%  ≤) 0.000010.00010.00001
Evaporation residue (%  ≤)
Chlorides(cl-)(%    ≤)0.00010.00010.0001
No condensable gas cubic fraction         (%  ≤)
Conclusion            Superior Grade

Storage & Transportation: The product is packed in steel cylinder or tank (or tank car), it should be kept in cool and dry place, avoid heat source, kept away from sunlight and raining.

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