R290 Gas Replacement for R22

R290 Gas Replacement for R22

R290 Gas Replacement For R22 Technical Specification:
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R290 Gas Replacement For R22


Refrigerant R290 Properties:

Chemical Name

R290 Propane Refrigerant

Cas No.


Propane Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Boiling Point °C


Absolute Pressure (25°C)Mpa


Liquid Density (25°C)kg/m3


Critical Temperature °C


Critical Pressure Mpa




R290 GWP (100yr)


Packing Specifications:

Disposable   cylinder: 5 kg

926 Ton tank,


OEM is   accepted.

Mainly Use:

As a refrigerant R-290 is efficiency used in:

• commercial and industrial refrigeration,

• chill cabinets,

• vending machines,

• cold storage

• food processing,

• transport refrigeration,

• small and large air conditioning

• chiller systems,

• heat pumps and water heaters.


Also uses:

• Propane is the primary flammable gas in blowtorch for soldering or brazing.

• Propane is used as a feedstock for the production of base petrochemicals in steam cracking.

• Propane is the primary fuel for hot air balloons.

• It is used in semiconductor manufacture to deposit silicon carbide.

• Propane is commonly used in theme parks and in the movie industry as an inexpensive, high-energy fuel for explosions and other special effects.

• Propane is used as a propellant for Paintball and Airsoft guns, relying on the expansion of the gas to fire the projectile. It does not ignite the gas. The use of a liquefied gas gives more shots per cylinder, compared to a compressed gas.

• Propane is used as a propellant for household air freshener sprays.     

Technical Specification:

AppearanceColorless,   clear and odorless 
Purity    %99.5
Moisture      %0.001
Acidity   (HCL)%0.0001
Chlorides (CL-)  %Pass
Volume of Non-Condensable Gases(25) %1.5
Evaporated Residue  %0.01

Storage & Transportation:

The product is packaged in steel cylinder or tank (or tank car), it should be kept in cool and dry place, avoid heat source, kept away from sunlight and raining.