Fm200 Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Fm200 Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

There is no need to install a pipe network, nor to set up a dedicated bottle group room, and the cabinet fire extinguishing device is set in the protection area.
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Product Details

Product nameFm200/ Hfc-227ea Cabinet type Fire extinguishing system
Nominal working pressure at 20C (Mpa)2.5
Storage bottle volume40L、 70L、90L、 120L、150L
Working temperature0-50℃
Injection time≤10s
System power  AC220V; DC24+3V; 1.1A
Start modeAutomatic, electrical manual, mechanical emergency manual
Used to protect the following materials from fireElectrical and electronic equipment fires;
Combustible liquid and meltable solid fire;
solid surface fire;
Before extinguishing the fire, the gas from the gas source can be cut off.
Widely used in the following enclosed placesUsed to protect the following materials from firePlaces where valuable treasures are stored, data, files, software and hardware, communication rooms, electronic computer rooms,etc.;
facilities that use water sprinkler systems will cause water damage;
Equipment and areas where residues are difficult to eliminate after the extinguishing agent is sprayed;
Areas where people often work, such as computer rooms, communication control centers, etc.


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