Fm200 Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Fm200 Automatic Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguishing device has two-level signal feedback of leakage alarm signal feedback and start-spraying signal feedback,which can realize remote monitoring without sending people to inspect on site. The daily maintenance of the fire extinguishing device is simple and clear, and the daily automatic unmanned inspection management is realized. When the fire extinguishing device is installed and debugged, it can simulate the real starting mode, which is reliable.
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Product Details

Product nameHanging Fm200 fire extinguisher
Model No.XQQW20/1.6
Nominal working pressure at 20C (Mpa)1.6
Maximum filling weight of a single unit (Kg/bottle)≤20
Injection time≤10s
Extinguishing agent charge load factor (Kg/L)≤1.15
Maximum capacity of single protection (m3)C=8%:≤36; C=9%:≤32;C=10%: ≤28.4
Working temperature0-50℃
Used to protect the following materials from fireElectrical and electronic equipment fires; power cable line fires;
Combustible liquid and meltable solid fire;
Solid surface fire, the gas can cut off the gas source before 
extinguishing the fire.
Used to protect the following materials from fireSuspended heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device: It is 
especially suitable for mobile equipment places such as mobile
signal station A4G of telecommunication center below 100m, 
computer room, power distribution room archive room, railway   diesel locomotive, electric locomotive, wind turbine, chemical    network, etc.

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