ABC 90% Dry Chemical Powder

Powder extinguisher used for:
Class A fires
Class B fires
Class C fires
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Product Details

Abc 90% Dry Chemical Powder

Product Description:

ABC dry Chemical powder is the only one of the dry chemical agents that provides Class A fire suppression. It is a monoammonium phosphate based dry chemical containing chemical additives, and produced by an exclusive chemical process. The resultant agent is free-flowing, water repellent, non-abrasive, and when used as a fire suppressing agent will produce no toxic effects. ABC dry powder is yellow in color to differentiate it from the other fire extinguishing agents.

Powder extinguisher used for:

Class A fires

It insulates Class-A fires by melting at approximately 350–400 degrees F.

Class "A" fires are caused by the burning of common combustible materials, such as wood, paper, or trash.

Class B fires

The powder breaks the chain reaction of Class-B fires by coating the surface to which it is applied.

Class B fires consist of flammable liquid or gas which include gasoline, oil, propane, and natural gas.

Class C fires

It is safe and effective for Class-C fires since it is a non-conductor of electricity.

Class C fire deals with live electrical equipment and need to be put out with equipment that will not conduct its energy back to the user as in the case with water. Electricity can also cause Class A and B fires


Dry chemical extinguishing agent is available in plastic bag, then woven bag per 25 kg.

Our service:

1. Best service, high quality, and competitive price.

2. Fast preparation and delivery of goods.

3. OEM service available.

4. Easy to use.


1. How about the Delivery time?

Usually within 20 days. Samples will be prepared within 5 Days.


2. What kind of payments does CT-fire support?

T/T, L/C ,Western Union, T/T are all accepted.


3. What's the MOQ?

Usually, the MOQ is 200bags (5000 kgs), but we also can provide you samples for quality inspection.


4. Do you charge for the samples?

The sample is free to offer, but the express cost will be responsible by customer, and this cost will be returned when you place an order afterward.


5.Can you produce aocording to customers' design?

Sure,  OEM and ODM are both welcome.

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