Digital Vacuum Pressure gauge WK-VG88

Digital Vacuum Pressure gauge WK-VG88

Gas Meter Vacuum Cleaner WK-VG88 · Product code:WK-VG88 · Product categories: VACUUM METER
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Digital Vacuum Pressure gauge WK-VG88

·        Features:

²  digital pressure and vacuum gauges shift function

²  Real-time vacuum pressure test and percent indicate.

²  Low power indicate. Batteries life: 30H.9v.

²  Pressure units: KPa, Bar, Psi, Torr, Kg F/cm2, InHg, MmHg

²  Temperature units: , ºC

²  Test range UAC: URC: -101Kpa-6Mpa

                      RXX: -101 Kpa-4Mpa

                      For WK688L, WK688H

²  Resolution: 1Kpa

²  ACCU racy: + - 0.5%

²  Overload: 100bar, 10Mpa

²  Operation temp.: -20 ºC  ~ 60 ºC

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