R22 Refrigerant Compressor

R22 Refrigerant Compressor

Cooling & Heating A/C System, Household, Home,Household air conditioner
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Product Details

Application  :  Cooling & Heating A/C System

   Compressor Type:  Hermetic Motor CompressorMotor Type:  Single Phase Induction Motor· PSC

   Voltage/Frequency/ Phase :  220-240V/50Hz/Single

   Refrigerant Type: R22

   Displacement: 15.9 cm³/rev

   Maximal Refrigerant Charged : 0.85Kg Max

   Oil Charged : NM56EP·310ml

   Weight (Oil Included) : 10.8Kg

   Coil Resistance(at 20) :Main:4.27±5%Ω Aux.:5.21±5%Ω

   Locked Rotor Amps :(at 1φ-50HZ-240V) 21A±10%

   Ruing Capacitor :30μF-370V

   Insulation Grade :E Grade

   I.D. of Discharge Pipe :8.2 mm

   I.D. of Suction Pipe :9.8 mm


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