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Xiamen Juda Trading Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Juda Trading Co., Ltd (Juda) established in 1988, is one of the earliest exporters who hold on refrigerants business in China. In the past decade, Juda’s exportation business has much expanded. Currently, we have 7 series fluorochemicals: Refrigerants; Fire Protection Agents, Mapp Gas, Cleaning Agent, Anti Fingerprint Agent, fluoroplastics and Propellant Gas.


    • Gases Refrigerantes 404a Refrigerant Gas

      Gases Refrigerantes 404a Refrigerant Gas

      Gases Refrigerantes 404a Refrigerant Gas R404a Properties: Mainly Use: R404 is a gas refrigerante for R22 refrigerant replacement, and a hydrofluorocarbon mixed of three refrigerants which are R-125(44%) , R134a(52%) and R143a(4%), most new supermarket and refrigeration equipment has been built for an HFC...

    • Gas Refrigerante R407c

      Gas Refrigerante R407c

      Replacing R22 With R407c Refrigerant R407c Refrigerant Properties R407c chemical name: R407C Blend Refrigerant CAS No.:354-33-6 /811-97-2/75-10-5 Gas 407 Molecular Formula: CH 2 FCF 3 / CH 2 F 2 /CF 3 CHF 2 Freon 407 Relative Molecular Mass: 86.2 ODP: 0 R407a Gwp (100yr): 1526 Mainly Use Gas...

    • Pharmaceutical Aerosols HFA-134A Medication

      Pharmaceutical Aerosols HFA-134A Medication

      Best Propellant Hfa-134A(p) Chemical Propulsion used in aerosol with Certificate of DMF and EDMF Pharmaceutical Grade